The Karolinska Directed Emotional Faces (KDEF) is a set of totally 4900 pictures of human facial expressions.

The Averaged KDEF (AKDEF) is a set of averaged pictures created from the original KDEF images. You will find more details about KDEF here, and about AKDEF here.

The KDEF and AKDEF materials were produced in 1998 and have since then been freely shared within the research community. By today, KDEF has been used in more than 1500 research publications. If you wish to find out for which these are, and for what purposes they materials have been used, you can browse the existing publications on google scholar here.

The KDEF and AKDEF stimuli may be used only by researchers, and only for non-commercial purposes. The materials may never be redistributed in any form without written consent. You will find the details about if and how KDEF and AKDEF stimuli may be used and published here.

The KDEF material have often been used as it is, but has also sometimes been modified by different researchers for particular purposes. You can read about some of these versions, such as the KDEF-DYN here.

If you wish, you can download the original KDEF stimuli and some of the versions here.

Research involving KDEF material has generated some data that can likely be useful to other researchers. You can find out what is available here.

Sample from the ADKEF stimulus set.