Terms of use

By downloading any of the original or edited versions of the KDEF or AKDEF materials below, you agree to follow the general terms of use.



The original KDEF & AKDEF (by Daniel Lundqvist et al.)

Read about KDEF here, and AKDEF here.

Download the KDEF & AKDEF material here.

KDEF-dyn (by Manuel Calvo et al., 2018)

Read more about KDEF-dyn, such as:

"Human Observers and Automated Assessment of Dynamic Emotional

Facial Expressions: KDEF-dyn Database Validation" by Calvo, Fernández-Martín, Recio, & Lundqvist (2018). Frontiers in Psychology.

and download the related data "KDEF-dyn-I" here.

also, please read about:

"Selective eye fixations on diagnostic face regions of dynamic emotional expressions: KDEF-dyn database" by Calvo, Fernández-Martín, Gutiérrez-García, & Lundqvist (2018) Scientific Reports.

and download the related data "KDEF-dyn-II" here.

KDEF-cropped (Dawel et al.)

Read more about KDEF-cropped here.

Download KDEF-cropped here.

KDEF-chimeric (by Tess Beking et al.. 2018)

Read more about KDEF-chimeric here (Beking et al.. 2018)

Download KDEF-chimeric here.