The Averaged Karolinska Directed Emotional Faces

Lundqvist, D., & Litton, J. E. (1998). The Averaged Karolinska Directed Emotional Faces - AKDEF, CD ROM from Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Psychology section, Karolinska Institutet, ISBN 91-630-7164-9.


The Averaged Karolinska Directed Emotional Faces (AKDEF) is a set of totally 70 pictures of human facial expressions. The set of pictures contains an averaged female and an averaged male displaying 7 different emotional expressions. Each expression is viewed from 5 different angles.


All pictures were first converted from 32 bit RGB color to 8 bit greyscale. They were then sorted into 70 different stacks (7 emotions * 5 angles * male/female), so that for example all 70 pictures (35 individuals * 2 series) of happy females in full left profile were in one stack. Average pictures were then created for each stack.


Hardware: Macintosh 8500/120.

Software: GraphicConverter 3.2.1, NIH Image 1.6.


Copyright:  Psychology section, Department of Clinical Neuroscience,

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.

Number of pictures: 70.

Size: 562 * 762 pixels.

Resolution: 72*72 dpi.

Colors: 256 (8 bit greyscale).

Size inflated: approximately 420 kb.

Size compressed: approximately 32 kb.

File format: JPEG.

Compression quality: 94 %.


Example: FAFFL.JPG

Letter 1: Gender

F = female

M = male

Letter 2 & 3: Experession

AF = afraid

AN = angry

DI = disgusted

HA = happy

NE = neutral

SA = sad

SU = surprised

Letter: Angle

FL = full left profile

HL = half left profile

S = straight

HR = half right profile

FR = full right profile)

Extension: Picture format

JPG = jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group)