KDEF versions

The KDEF material have often been used as it is, but has also sometimes been modified by different researchers for particular purposes.

KDEF-dyn (by Manuel Calvo et al.)

Read more about KDEF-dyn, such as:

"Human Observers and Automated Assessment of Dynamic Emotional

Facial Expressions: KDEF-dyn Database Validation" by Calvo, Fernández-Martín, Recio, & Lundqvist (2018). Frontiers in Psychology.


"Selective eye fixations on diagnostic face regions of dynamic emotional expressions: KDEF-dyn database" by Calvo, Fernández-Martín, Gutiérrez-García, & Lundqvist (2018) Scientific Reports.

You can also download the stimuli and data from KDEF-dyn here.

KDEF-cropped. Amy Dawel and colleagues created cropped versions of KDEF with edited background.

Read more about KDEF-cropped here.

Download KDEF-cropped here.

KDEF-chimeric (by Tess Beking et al.. 2018)

Read more about KDEF-chimeric here (Beking et al.. 2018)

Download KDEF-chimeric here.

Sample from the ADKEF stimulus set.